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Because a HERO never Dies!


It’s no secret that people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, races, genders, communities, and counties, loved Officer JULIAN LEE KEEN, JR. Officer Keen truly was our small town hero. No matter what capacity you'd met Julian in, one you'd be sure to remember was his smile. Although his life was taken too soon, we truly believe that Officer Keen left an indelible mark but also a mission to complete. During these unprecedented times, we need to show support to our law enforcement agencies now more than ever, while simultaneously bridging this gap between black and blue lives. The Julian L. Keen Foundation will play a pivotal role in the transformation of our perception of both black and blue lives. And we will also show how we together, can transcend and evolve as one people. This was Officer Julian Keen’s mission. This is why he was called a hero and, and a HERO never dies and neither does his mission.

Please join us and invite your black and blue brothers and sisters. You’ll want to be part of this new paradigm of #BelikeJLK! See below on how to make a contribution and/or volunteer for the JLK Foundation.


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